Study Shows Audio Advertisements Triumph Over Video in Garnering Attention and Enhancing Brand Recall

Marketing is a constantly evolving industry, with new and improved methods of reaching potential customers every year. However, despite the excitement of changing times, a few marketing methods have remained consistent. Audio ads remain a highly effective way of communicating with listeners, as a recent study from Dentsu revealed. The results of this study have important implications for any business hoping to refine and improve its marketing campaigns and connect with more customers. 


The Study 

The study, which was conducted by Dentsu, one of the world's largest and most respected media agencies, focused on media attentiveness and the degree to which listeners can pay attention and retain the information that they are fed.

For years, many advertisers have held that television and other forms of visual media are the most powerful, able to provide viewers with information that is easily digestible and memorable. However, the study held some surprises, revealing that broadcast media can be more powerful than visual media. 

The Results 

There were three key findings published in the study. The first highlighted that audio attention and brand equity are comparable to visual media, with audio having +56% greater attentiveness scores versus Dentsu norms. This is +128% stronger than TV. The second finding spotlighted brand recall, revealing that audio generates +8% higher brand recall versus Dentsu norms, +14% greater than online video and display. 

The study also found that AM/FM radio remains one of the best ways of communicating with listeners. According to the results of the study, AM/FM radio is eight times more cost-effective than TV and 11 times more cost-efficient than Dentsu's "attention cost per thousand" media benchmark. Furthermore, podcasts, a booming form of audio media, are incredibly popular with listeners and provide a good opportunity for advertisers as well. Podcasts are +43% more cost-efficient than Dentsu's "attention CPM" norm. 

The study also dove into the concept of the Attention Pathway, which is defined by the Association of National Advertisers as the unique way advertisers can reach and connect with potential customers. There are three stages to the Attention Pathway, all of which are important for businesses to keep in mind. 

"Get Noticed" 

The first stage of the Attention Pathway deals with how well advertisers get their message in front of listeners. Advertising requires an environment that fosters attention, and the best quality ad placements demand attention, rather than ask quietly for it. Businesses that are able to choose the appropriate marketing mediums for their ads are more likely to get noticed by potential customers

"Hold Attention"   

Keeping the viewer or listener focused on the ad is an important part of the Attention Pathway. Marketers who craft interesting messages, using clever, concise copy and thoughtful creatives will be able to not only capture but hold the attention of their target customers. Maintaining attention ultimately leads to more sales and stronger brand recognition. 

"Impact Memory" 

Memorable marketing messages can also lead to enhanced brand recognition. The brand message should ideally affect both short and long-term memory, impacting listeners and, hopefully, leading to more sales as well as a positive overall impression of the business. 

What the Study Results Mean for Advertisers 

For advertisers looking to maximize their marketing efforts and achieve results without spending their entire budget, the Dentsu study is transformative. Not only does it reveal that AM/FM radio remains a vital part of the marketing industry, but it highlights the power of podcasts. Although podcasts might have been perceived as being expensive in the past, they are very cost-effective, with their $25 media CPM becoming $2.80 attention CPM, well below the Dentsu $4.30 average. 

This study reveals that the idea of visual advertising being superior to auditory mediums is false. Per these study results, audio consistently outperforms visual ads, establishing strong core memories and creating impressive brand recall. Mid-West Family Springfield is the local leader in crafting memorable audio and video ads, helping you build a marketing strategy that is customized for your target audience. Designing marketing campaigns on your own can be time-intensive and confusing. When you work with an expert broadcast radio marketing company, you will be empowered in the messages you put forth into the market.

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Contact Mid-West Family for Your Customized Consultation 

As the Dentsu study reveals, broadcast marketing is as powerful as ever before, even in a landscape that offers a wealth of options for businesses to promote their goods and services. Using audio ads in your marketing is an impactful way to connect with customers and meet their needs all while developing your own business.  

Mid-West Family is an expert in creating memorable audio ads, guaranteed to resonate with your target audience. Contact Mid-West Family today to learn more about how we can help you meet your business objectives! 

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