5 Reasons Why Radio Advertising Is Still Worth It

Radio ads are surprisingly underutilized despite listener popularity and ad campaign success. There's plenty of evidence to prove that radio is still one of the most effective methods to advertise a business and reach customers.  

Radio advertising is a wise investment because of its efficacy and excellent reach. Let's examine the state of radio advertising today and why it's so beneficial for any marketing strategy. 

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Is Radio Advertising Still Popular? 

According to NewsGeneration, AM/FM radio still has the highest reach compared to any other platform at 92%. It's also estimated that 41% of Americans consume traditional radio content through the radio's smartphone app or website. That's one of the many reasons radio will always stay relevant: it gives its audience multiple listening options! 

Radio also reaches a wide range of demographics, but it's most prominent with adults in the 35-49 age range. AM/FM radio reaches 94% of this target group per month. The next highest group is the 50+ age range (91%), followed by listeners aged 18-34 (90%). 

A recent study from Edison's Research also shows that AM/FM radio streaming can enhance the reach of your ads by 7%. As it stands, AM/FM radio already has nearly 20x more audience members than Spotify. This report also explained that 76% of any given consumer's listening time is spent on radio. 

According to Edison, 88% of Americans listen to AM/FM radio while in their cars. Considering the average work commute is almost 30 minutes, that's nearly an hour of advertising with minimal interruptions. 72% of Americans also listen to ad-supported radio while doing things around the house, and 62% tune in at work. 

Best of all, any industry can benefit from radio advertising with proven success. For example, Nielsen reported the following statistics from an office supply company that utilized AM/FM radio advertising: 

  • 23% increase in sales during back-to-school marketing campaigns 
  • 15% increase in money spent per transaction 
  • 11% increase in total money spent by customer base 
  • 6% increase in overall customer base 

In addition to reach, that added element of influencer trust drives more sales than other advertising methods. Terrestrial radio stations have often been running for several years with trusted hosts behind the microphones. Listeners know that the ads they hear have been vetted for quality, so they're more inclined to make purchases from those brands. 

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5 Reasons Why Radio Advertising is Worth It for Your Business  

1. Affordability 

Radio advertising works for any business regardless of its budget. Depending on the radio station's audience and play frequency, a radio ad can cost anywhere between $200 to $5,000. The more listeners a station has, the more likely your ads will result in concrete sales. 

However, paying for a cheaper ad doesn't mean your campaign's reach will be limited. For example, a $198 radio ad purchase in Ohio still reaches an estimated 385,000 listeners! Your ads are usually also played on sister radio stations, giving your brand plenty of opportunities for exposure. 

2. Increased Brand Awareness 

Spending extra on radio ad frequency can also help enhance brand awareness. Recent statistics still show that it takes an average of 5-7 impressions to establish a strong connection between your brand and your target audience. Hearing your advertisement multiple times keeps your brand relevant in the minds of your customers. 

3. Effectiveness 

Radio advertising can also be even more effective when combined with digital marketing. For example, say that thousands of customers hear your advertisement on their way to work. There's little a customer can do to engage with your brand while driving. However, consider what might happen when they see an advertisement for your brand while browsing social media at home. Customers are reminded of your brand when they're free to visit your website and make purchases. 

4. More Customer Traffic 

This increases customer traffic to your website and inspires more customers to research your company. Using analytics tools, it's easy to determine if this traffic directly results from your radio ad campaigns. Studying your website's analytics can also provide insights into how your advertising methods across all platforms can be improved. 

5. Improved ROI 

The ROI of your radio advertisements depends on your target audience size, how much you spend on ads, and the audience of any given radio station. However, one Nielsen study found that radio ad ROI is 2x more than any television advertisement. The study also showed a drastic sales lift from customers exposed to a brand through radio ads alone! 

Combining Radio and Digital Together with Mid-West Family Springfield 

It's clear that radio is a strong and affordable advertising tool that reaches millions of listeners each year. Radio isn't going away anytime soon, so it's essential to implement it into your current advertising campaigns. 

An experienced media partner can help you choose the best radio station to air your ads and even help with production. Contact Mid-West Family Springfield at your earliest convenience when you're ready to get started.

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