4 Effective Approaches to Holiday Marketing

The sooner you begin holiday marketing, the more traction you’ll gain when the holidays arrive. Consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier and earlier.

Start holiday marketing now if you want to ensure your success ahead of the holiday season. However, you might not be sure about how to get started.

Don’t worry!

Below are some creative marketing strategy ideas to implement.

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1. Run a Radio Ad Campaign

Radio remains one of the best channels to use for holiday marketing. A radio advertisement can reach broad audiences that might not learn about you through other platforms.

Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” study backs this up. The study found that AM/FM radio accounts for 40% of the time that adults spend listening to audio. This is considerably higher than audio streaming services, which saw a 6% or smaller “Share of Ear.” Broadcast advertising on radio programs can also help you stand out from competitors who stick to other forms of advertising.

Target radio stations that make the most sense based on your audience. For example, advertise on an FM station if your audience is younger and tends to listen to music. Use talk radio advertising for older professionals who prefer AM to FM on their morning and evening commutes. If you’re a local business and want to target audiences in a specific area, local radio advertising campaigns also help.

2. Create a Digital Marketing Campaign

To appeal to the holiday spirit, launch a holiday-themed digital marketing campaign. Seventy percent of consumers interact with various online touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Effective digital marketing is crucial to ensure shoppers find you this holiday season. There are many ways to go about digital holiday marketing.

For example, you can use radio and digital advertising together. A radio ad could include a holiday promo code that people can enter for a percent off their first online order. Even if people don’t make a purchase when visiting your site, retargeting ads could appear in front of online users. Eventually, these ads may bring people back to your site to use that promo. You can also use social media channels.

Some of the best holiday social media campaigns involve hosting holiday-themed contests. This could involve a contest in which audiences submit short holiday videos or social media posts. In addition to giving away gifts to winners, you can use the contest to hint at future deals and promos that customers can expect.

Be sure to set a budget for pay-per-click (PPC) ads to build brand awareness ahead of the holidays. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also crucial if you want people to find you in organic search results.

Mid-West Family Springfield MO can help you create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign anticipating the holidays.

3. Engage the Community with Event Marketing

You can appeal to a local community by aligning your brand with a holiday event. You can learn about specific events celebrating the holidays, become a sponsor, and promote them. You can even host a holiday event to integrate your business into the community. Event marketing can boost awareness while also associating your business with specific causes.

For instance, you could sponsor a holiday food drive that shows your willingness to give back to the community. Find events that connect with your industry and audience.

4. Explore Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is another effective way to connect with many audiences. Every year more people listen to podcasts, with the number of listeners in the U.S. alone expected to grow to 100 million by 2024.

The benefits of podcast advertising make it critical for holiday marketing campaigns. You can use a podcast content strategy to reach new audiences who might not find you as easily through radio or online. It also requires far less effort than video marketing and ads. You can connect directly with podcast listeners if the host uses their genuine voice to promote your brand with an endorsement.

Find the right podcast for your business based on what your audiences listen to and partner with a reputable producer. Also -- be sure to check out the Around The Ozarks Podcast!

Resonate with Audiences Through Strong Holiday Marketing

Incorporating these and other holiday promotion ideas for small businesses can help you succeed once the holidays come. Early holiday marketing will help put you ahead of competitors and ensure people don’t forget about you during the holiday season.

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