What Kinds of Marketing Tactics Should You Be Using?

A successful marketing strategy consists of several fundamental tactics that help achieve relevant business and marketing goals. Designing such a strategy requires a careful review of all available options to choose the most suitable combination. 

Once you identify the buyer persona and define marketing objectives, you can figure out which tactics can meet them efficiently. Let's take a closer look at marketing strategies that can contribute to the success of your campaign. 

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Digital Marketing: A Must-Have 

Digital marketing is an essential component of any modern marketing campaign. By working on your online presence, you are making your business visible to the target audience. According to a recent Google study, 83% of consumers research a company online before going to an offline location. 

The main elements of digital marketing are search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads. By leveraging both' power, you can bring high-value prospects to your website and guide them to act through on-page marketing tactics

Audio Marketing: Broadcast Radio 

Audio marketing is a powerful tool that complements your digital marketing strategy. While some people believe that radio is a thing of the past, they couldn't be more wrong. Around eight out of ten Americans ages 12 and older listen to the terrestrial radio at least once a week. 

You can advertise on the radio in many different ways. From running your commercials to working with influencers, you can reach a large part of your target audience. The main advantage of broadcast radio advertising is the ability to put ads in front of your prospects while they aren't distracted by browsing other marketing channels. 

Content Marketing: The Power of Value  

Putting high-quality content in front of the audience in the right place and at the right time can help you achieve high conversion and retention rates. Valuable content has the power to boost your brand's credibility, bring more leads to your website, foster customer loyalty, and much more. 

The key to a successful content marketing strategy is to make sure that content revolves around the audience's pain points. It becomes the North Star that guides prospects down the sales funnel. Meanwhile, high-quality content can turn existing customers into brand ambassadors.   

Social Media Marketing: Making the Connection  

Being active on social media doesn't just help you reach out to the audience. It allows you to study their behavior, identify trends, and offer support. You can leverage robust social media marketing tools offered by most popular platforms. With this tool in your arsenal, you can build closer relationships and maximize outreach. 

Today, 91% of Americans use social media. It means most of your target audience is on these platforms. For successful businesses, social media presence is part of the multi-channel marketing approach. 

Email Marketing: A Direct Line to Customers  

Even if you are already connecting with customers across multiple channels, you shouldn't overlook email marketing. Unlike other types of marketing tactics, it gives you a direct personal line to each customer. While it may be hard to catch the recipient's attention and keep your emails from going to the spam folder, the ROI of email marketing is still impressive. 

To maximize the success of your email marketing strategy, you need to provide high-quality personalized content that addresses the customers' pain points. To improve the ROI of your campaign, consider taking advantage of email marketing automation software. 

Influencer Marketing: The Supporting Voice  

Influencers can promote your brand better than many other paid marketing tactics. These people can connect with your audience in a personal and passionate way. If you can find an influencer whose values align with yours, you can reap impressive benefits from such a collaboration. 

Today, 50% of millennials trust recommendations from influencers. That's why this tactic can be a highly important addition to your marketing campaign.    

Event Marketing: The Offline Effort 

While digital channels are the foundation of a successful marketing strategy, offline marketing instruments are still highly effective. By taking advantage of event marketing, you have an opportunity to promote your products and services in person. This is likely to help you create a more powerful and personal connection than online efforts. 

In addition to attending various events where you can promote your products, consider arranging events on your own. This can help bring in the local audience and create excellent networking opportunities. 

Building a Strong Marketing Campaign  

You don't need to implement all types of marketing tactics into your campaign. Depending on your marketing budget and the audience's needs, you can choose to leverage just a few of these strategies. 

If you'd like to maximize the effect of each tactic, consider asking for professional assistance. At Mid-West Family Springfield, we have decades of experience creating successful marketing strategies for businesses across many industries. To find out how we can help you succeed, please contact us at any time. 

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