6 Marketing Tips for Interior Remodelers You Can’t Ignore

Interior remodeling companies require effective marketing to get their name out and connect with potential customers. Without solid marketing, brands like yours won't be able to reach local audiences who need services. You may also face stiff competition and need to stand apart. 

Here we'll explore how you can get into marketing for interior modelers and ensure your brand doesn't fall behind. With the help of these tools and solutions, you'll have the chance to dominate your local market. 

1. A Website is Your Online Hub

If you don't have a website, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to reach people online. As your online storefront, you must develop and curate a great-looking, fully functional website that best represents your business.  

Your website should feature a unique and compelling design, and it must also be mobile-friendly for people browsing on smartphones and tablets. In addition, your website should have content utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). SEO entails targeting specific keywords related to your industry and services. With the right SEO strategy, you'll be able to increase your rankings in search engines to ensure people find you over competitors. 

Another benefit of having a website is showing off your work. You can post images or videos of past projects, including before and after footage. This can help you showcase the quality of your work. 

Ultimately, your website is where people will find you when researching your services and brand. To ensure people convert after conducting this research, your website should include contact information that converts visitors to leads. 

2. Offer Valuable Premium Content for Leads

Another critical component of successful marketing for remodeling companies is content marketing. This type of marketing involves creating high-quality content that connects with audiences through various platforms. 

You can use a wide variety of content to reach potential customers, including blogs, videos, testimonials, social media posts, webpages detailing services, and more. 

In addition to consistent and regular content marketing, offer your audiences premium content. This premium content could include interactive quizzes, eBooks, checklists for remodeling projects, tips and tricks for small DIY projects, and more. 

The main reason for producing premium content is to offer it in exchange for email addresses. Lead visitors to a page offering a free eBook or another type of premium content once they complete an online form. Once visitors complete this form, you can send the content to their email addresses. This process will bring in more leads you can continue to nurture with additional offers, information, and more. 

3. Create a Social Media Presence for Engagement

Almost everyone is on social media today, including your target audience and competing businesses. As such, social media allows you to get in front of and engage your audiences. 

Regular posting and communication on social media platforms will keep you in touch with audiences and steal the spotlight from competitors. You can use many types of social media content on these platforms. For instance, videos are great for engagement, while before and after photos, FAQs, and live streaming further engage potential customers. 

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4. Participate in Event Marketing for Brand Recognition

Live events in your community offer a great way to introduce your brand to a local audience. There are plenty of ways you can get into event marketing to promote your brand. 

Some strategies include sponsoring an event or getting a live mention. Mingle, share business cards, and offer branded promotional items that help keep you top of mind. 

5. Try Radio Ads for Awareness

Consider incorporating radio advertising into your strategy to get the most from your interior remodeling advertising efforts. Radio ads enable you to reach a broad audience in your local area, with loyal listeners likely to trust your brand when associating it with their favorite stations and personalities. 

Radio listeners tune in consistently—they listen to the radio in the car, at work, at home, and in other locations. With frequent exposure and increasing familiarity, you'll benefit from improved brand awareness over time. 

6. Use Pay-Per-Click Ads for Traffic

You must build an online presence to connect effectively with your audiences, but this takes time. To get faster results, try pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

While SEO can take months to yield results in search engines, PPC campaigns allow you to get to the first page and top results of search engines much faster. For example, if you have a campaign targeting a keyword such as "interior remodeling," your business will be the first to show up without waiting for SEO efforts to pay off. 

Get Started on Your Marketing Campaigns with a Media Partner 

Solid marketing for interior remodelers can help you establish a lasting presence in your industry and connect with customers. Mid-West Family Springfield Missouri is here to meet your needs for all of the solutions discussed here, along with other marketing services. Reach out to us today to discuss your marketing needs. 

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